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Staff Services

We Reward the Customer at MyPRteam

In the age of digital media, businesses’ physical locations often don’t see enough traffic to sustain sales. One of your job will be to devise a loyalty program that encourages repeat business online with organized and create marketing for our clients. We create multi-channel digital marketing plan and landing pages + social media ads that increases site traffic and ultimately, foot traffic.

Skills Needed for our Staff/Reps/Agents

Basic Math + Computer Skills w/ On the Job Training Availability. 

• Digital Ad Design
• Search Engine Marketing
• Display Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• Campaign Analysis
• Optimization Strategies
• Customer Relationship Management
• Marketing Automation

Spreadsheets and data collection will be weekly tasks.

 MyPRteam + Objectives

• Learn how to measure the success of campaigns using CRMs
• Access, Create, Build, and launch with research, social, and display campaigns from scratch.
• Design a customer nurture strategy using email automation techniques
• Use marketing analytics to identify optimization opportunities for each channel

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FALL 2023

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